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Cyber-Physical Systems Security for All (CPS4ALL)

Fall 2020

  1. CPS 100 CYBER AND PHYSICAL SECURITY AWARENESS FOR ALL (3-0-3)(F). Introduction to cyber and physical security for all students.  Explores the principles and practices to keep device information safe; discussions of hacking, ethics, privacy, compliance; and an overview of policies and regulations related to security in cyber-physical systems.
  2. CPS 200 INTERNET OF THINGS: CONNECTED DEVICES (3-0-3)(S). Introduction to applications, operating systems, computer hardware, and computer programming related to uses and practices in the internet of things. Discussions will include the analysis of best practices in each area that makes those systems less vulnerable to hacking or interference. PREREQ: CPS 100.
  3. CPS 300 HANDS-ON SECURITY: FROM HOME TO OFFICE AND EVERYTHING BETWEEN (3-0-3)(S). Modern communication systems, home networking, office network, operation networks, firewalls, intrusion detection systems (IDS), intrusion protection systems (IPS), cybersecurity vulnerabilities, risks and threats at all levels will be discussed.  Analysis related to critical infrastructure, vulnerabilities of physical systems, and the protection of group information security will be discussed. PREREQ: CPS 100 and upper-division standing.
  4. CPS 302 INCIDENT RESPONSE AND RECOVERY (3-0-3)(F). Planning and recovery for critical incidents will be covered. Topics include risk assessment, preparation, identification, containment, eradication, and recovery related to cyber-physical attacks. Methods and approaches to create “lessons learned” reports, digital forensic analysis, and subsequent planning for changes to the systems.  PREREQ: CPS100 and upper-division standing.