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Scalable Graph-Theoretic Framework for Metagenomics and Other Scientific Applications – Dr. Anantharaman Kalyanaraman

Monday, December 1st, 2014
10:30 am in ENGR 103

Dr. Kalyanaraman will present novel parallel approaches for clustering high-throughput metagenomics data derived from environmental microbial communities. We look at the variant of clustering that aims to capture tightly-knit groups (or communities) within large-scale networked data. In the context of metagenomics, clustering results can be used for functional annotation of the underlying microbial communities and for identifying metabolic pathways. We have been developing various graph-theoretic models for clustering metagenomics graphs, designing efficient parallel algorithms and heuristics, for different types of parallel architectures. For the purpose of this talk, we will focus specifically on our recent development on shared memory multicore architectures and the Tilera manycore architecture. Experimental results will be presented and discussion will follow.


Ananth Kalyanaraman is an Associate Professor at the School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science in Washington State University. He received his Bachelor of Engineering from Visvesvaraya National Institute Technology in Nagpur (India) in 1998, and his MS and Ph.D. from Iowa State University in 2002 and 2006, respectively. His main area of research interest is in high-performance computational biology, with focus on developing algorithms that use high-performance computing for data-intensive problems originating from the areas of computational genomics and metagenomics. Ananth is a recipient of a DOE Early Career Award, Early Career Impact Award from Iowa State University, and two best paper awards. He has organized workshops and mini-symposia relating to high-performance computational biology at IEEE, ACM and SIAM conferences, and regularly serves on a number of program committees and proposal panels. His research is currently funded by DOE, NSF, and USDA. Ananth is a member of AAAS, ACM, IEEE-CS, and ISCB.