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Boise State CS to Help With 2014 CS Ed Week

This week kicks off one of the largest education events in history: The Hour of Code. During Computer Science Education Week (Dec. 8-14), students commit to spending one-hour learning computer science through online tutorials and other events held around the country. Ahead of this year’s event, over 2 million students committed to trying the Hour of Code. Running this kind of worldwide program requires a lot of volunteers so faculty and students have stepped up to help this effort in the Treasure Valley. We’ll post a follow-up on their experiences (hopefully with lots of pictures!) next week but for the time being, you can check out their plans below.

Gateway Elementary: Hour of Code (12/9-12/11)
Six classrooms will be staffed by members of the Boise State ACM-W club and provide Hour of Code opportunities to students. Some of those opportunities will include using the Blockly mazeAngry Birds, or Frozen tutorials. ACM-W student volunteers include Marianna Benz, Sarah Bradburn, Nevena Dragovic, Suadad Jasim, Deepa Mallela, Annabel Martinez, Audrey McCormick, and Kelsey Suyehira along with CS alumni Katy Kahla and Allen Benz. ACM-W Faculty advisors Marissa Schmidt, Sole Pera, and Amit Jain will also be accompanying them.

Nampa Christian High School: Intro to Processing (12/3/2014)
ACM-W student volunteer Audrey McCormick with faculty Amit Jain

Amity Elementary School: Intro to Finch Robot using Processing Language (12/5/2014)
ACM-W student volunteers Sarah Bradburn and Audrey McCormick with faculty Amit Jain

South Junior High, Boise: Hour of Code (12/10/2014)
This Boise Jr. High School is committed to providing every student the opportunity to participate in the Hour of Code. The school is using the full day to capture every grad and every student with six classes being run simultaneously throughout the school day. Boise State CS Students Audrey McCormick, Jay Capcha, and Cory Owens. Faculty: Amit Jain and CS10K IDoCode Program Coordinator Ernie Covelli.

Andrus Elementary School: Hour of Code (12/12/2014)
Boise State CS Students Jayson Pack and Casey Nelson

Lone Star Middle School: Hour of Code (12/12/2014)
Boise State CS Student Brittany Nall (ACM-W member)