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CS Students Participate and Win at 2015 Appathon

The fourth annual Bronco Appathon was held March 6-8, 2015 and brought out some of the best student programmers and entrepreneurs at Boise State University. The 48-hour appathon began Friday afternoon with a keynote by Aaron Day, BSU CIS alumni and Creative Lead at ABD Web Design (keynote prezi link here). Following that, teams grabbed dinner and got designing their apps!

In total, 20 of the program’s 29 participants were declared CS majors and they helped make up a piece of each of the eight competing teams. All should be recognized for their great work and participation with a select group receiving extra recognition for designing 2015’s top apps:

Team Ferocious Toothbrush (Team members: Anthony Quarnstrom-CS, Brian Lamb-CS, Jayson Pack-CS, and Justin Lloyd-CS) won 1st place, being awarded $500 for each team member, for their “Next Epsilon” application. This app allows multiple users to collaborate and create electronic music with users being able to create multiple loops using different instruments, then play the instruments freely over composition. Clients access the app on various mobile devices and the resulting sound is played on a single server. Two modes of music creation are available: A sequencer and a live music interface. The sequencer allows a track to be added to the repeating loop of music. The live music interface allows a user to ‘freestyle’ on top of the tracks without permanently altering the loop.

Other finalists included Team Blue Crew for 2nd place (Laura Nogueiro-MKTG, Hang Gibson-CS, Jackson Reed-GENBUS, and Andrew Gable-CS), Team Cruise (TJ Lemieux-SOC and Chris Mahoney-CS) and Team Ozone Puppies (Aaron Russell-CS, Matt Taylor-CS, Jim Peng-CS, and Daniel De La Garza-CS) tied for 3rd place with the Best Design award also going to Team Ozone Puppies.

The Bronco Appathon is held each year and hosted by the Associated Students of Boise State University, the Office of Information Technology, the College of Business and Economics and the College of Engineering.