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Boise State CS at the Center of the Downtown Boise Tech Industry (Idaho Business Review)

Idaho Business Review’s Liz Stewart reports on downtown Boise’s workforce, with emphasis on the tech sector and Boise State CS’s role in the software ecosystem.

The article, featured on the Idaho Business Review website (no subscription required for this article) and published in the 2019 Downtown Boise publication, provides an overview of downtown Boise’s “creative economy” and the efforts to attract and develop more talent in the area.

Interviewed for the article, Dr. Amit Jain notes how jobs in downtown Boise are highly sought after. Some companies located outside of the downtown core have even opened smaller downtown offices for tech talent. “I go out at lunch and there’s all these people talking code and all kinds of cool stuff, from other companies. I think that synergy creates more ideas, more creativity.”

You can read more about how being at the center of the downtown tech corridor benefits CS students, alumni and employers at