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Boise State in the Community: Dr. Catherine Olschanowsky

“If you had told me that I was going to be sitting here now as a computer scientist I would never have believed you. I believe the words “that major is not for me” came out of my mouth multiple times and so my journey to computer science was not a straight path, in fact it involved a bit of trickery.” – Dr. Olschanowsky

In the most recent episode of BroncoTV, Dr. Catherine Olschanowsky discusses her path to becoming a computer scientist and how it motivates her outreach and research efforts today with pregnant and parenting teens at the Marian Pritchard School in Boise. Learn more about Dr. Oschanowsky, how computer science is for everyone and why she’s excited about Computer Science education at Boise State University by watching the BroncoTV interview with Dr. Olschanowsky on YouTube.

Dr. Olschanowsky interviewing on BroncoTV