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Featured Student: Kamryn Parker

Portrait of Kamryn Parker. Photo credits: Boise State News

My name is Kamryn Parker and I am from Chico, CA.

Why did you choose Data Science at Boise State?

I took a course during my undergraduate degree at BSU called Storytelling with Data which introduced various topics surrounding data analysis and data visualizations. From there, I became interested in Data Science and decided to take an intro course (CS 133), after which I knew Data Science was the right fit. I completed the Data Science certificate as an undergrad and enjoyed the variety of content available through each course. CS 334 was a personal favorite as we got to talk with industry professionals who use Data Science in their everyday work. The courses and professors are a large part of why I decided to continue my education at BSU and receive a Master’s degree in Computer Science with a Data Science focus. 


How were the classes?

I sincerely enjoyed the Data Science classes at Boise State. I felt they were challenging and introduced concepts that we could actually apply to industry practices. The professors were engaged in the topics taught and fostered learning/participation for all students.


Did taking Data Science courses open any doors for you?

I believe taking Data Sciences courses helped me define the career path that I wanted to make. It also helped connect me to my eventual graduate degree advisor, Dr. Hoda Mehrpouyan.


What advice would you give to someone who is afraid of trying Data Science?

The best advice I would give is that you never know how well you will like something if you never give it a try. The professors and peers I have met in this program want to see you succeed, so it is okay to ask for help or advice if you need it. Data Science affords many opportunities both large and small, I would encourage anyone interested to at least take an intro course and see what you think, I sure am glad I did!


What is next for you, and how did your education at Boise State prepare you?

I am currently an intern at Major League Baseball in NYC as a part of their Data Platforms Team. I am helping build models that engage with fans through different online content. Boise State helped me well to prepare for this through interesting courses and hands-on research with practical real-world issues. I look forward to an exciting career in Data Science knowing the exemplary program I came from at Boise State.