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Dillon Woods: Founder of and Boise State Alumnus

Dillon Woods

Initiating Innovation: Dillon Woods Vision for

Boise State University alumnus Dillon Woods is the visionary founder of a highly successful company specializing in cloud marketplace enablement, located in the Treasure Valley. As a native of Idaho, Woods co-established in 2016, driven by an insightful vision for the growing cloud computing industry. plays a pivotal role in empowering software companies to efficiently and quickly navigate cloud marketplaces, enhancing their sales outreach to a broader audience.

Woods earned his Bachelor’s in Computer Science with a minor in Philosophy from Boise State University in 2005. Since then, he spent a decade on a wide array database companies in California, navigating through multiple acquisitions before returning to Boise to embark on the journey of founding Tackle. logo


His entrepreneurial aspirations were inspired by his time at Boise State University, particularly around the AWS ecosystem. For example Woods highlights “I have always been interested in starting a company. I was even playing around with starting companies while I was at Boise State University.” A key take away of his post college experience was the importance of identifying and solving real world problems. He notes, “solve a problem that you actually have, something that you know exists or that you have experienced yourself. That is a good place to start.” This mindset propelled the creation of Tackle, although not without considerable dedication and setbacks. “When I was starting Tackle a lot of sacrifices were made working on it, all the time focused on it. I think there is a time and place for that, if you are trying to start a company there is a trade off where there is a period of time where you will have to go all in.”

Overview of

Dillon Woods and Brian Denker founded in 2016, which has significantly improved businesses in developing and executing marketplace strategies. This platform simplifies the distribution of SaaS products across cloud marketplaces, providing tools and insights to enhance “go-to-market” strategies, thus helping their customers generate revenue through the cloud by managing billings, compliance, and other key aspects of the sales process on these platforms. Central to their offerings are analytics and reporting tools to help customers monitor product performance within the cloud marketplace. has raised over $148M in funding and won numerous awards with around 300 employees.

Despite primarily being a remote company with employees across the United States and Canada, maintains its official headquarters here in downtown Boise directly above Goldy’s Bakery, about 50 feet from the Computer Science department at City Central Plaza (CCP). Woods envisions expanding the current office space in Boise to foster a better sense of community, providing an opportunity for Boise State University students and emphasizing equitable compensation regardless of location. Woods believes in the importance of building community within the remote environment. Tackle does this by organizing an annual company gathering as well as smaller “offsites” throughout the year for each team to build a strong sense of community among remote employees. 

Facing Challenges, Embracing Success

In navigating the challenges and successes of Tackle’s journey, Woods acknowledged the evolving landscape of the software world. Starting out, Tackle did not have any competitors in the cloud ecosystem, however this has changed in recent years. While growth remains a primary focus, the company has shifted its emphasis towards efficiency for customers. As continues to evolve, they remain committed to efficiency, customer satisfaction, and fostering a thriving remote work community. With an eye on the future, Woods expressed optimism in the coexistence of similar companies in the market, recognizing the uniqueness each can bring to the table. Tackle’s dedication to adapting to the ever changing market dynamics is evident in its response to the sudden influx of competitors and the strategic adjustments made during the COVID-19 pandemic. “When COVID happened it wasn’t a big deal for us because we were already working from home so it wasn’t even a speed bump for us, but we lost the competitive advantage for a while because now everybody was hiring remotely, but it shifted back now, so now it is an advantage again.”

Advice for Students

Woods emphasized the importance of showcasing a specialized interest in computing when searching for internships or starting a career. He believes that a genuine passion for a specific area of computing not only demonstrates dedication but also displays a hard-work ethic and intrinsic motivation beyond just finding a job. In the competitive tech industry, this passion and engagement can set students apart and make them stand out to companies like Tackle.

Furthermore, Woods shares a personal anecdote about the unexpected relevance of a course he took during his time at Boise State. Despite pursuing a Bachelor’s in Computer Science, he acquired a minor in philosophy. The philosophy courses, taken for their relaxing change of pace, turned out to be unexpectedly useful in his professional journey. Primarily his philosophy of science course resurfaced as a useful tool in the tech industry. For students, this serves as a reminder that diverse academic pursuits can complement their technical skills, which can provide a broader perspective and problem-solving approach.

Dillion Wood’s remarkable journey from a Boise State University graduate to a visionary founder of paints a picture of innovation, dedication, and adaptability in the ever evolving landscape of the cloud computing industry.

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-Written by Brooke Matthews