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HoloShots: Photorealistic Immersive Virtual Reality

HoloShots: Photorealistic Immersive Virtual Reality

In the HoloShots project, we are building technology to let you step into photographs. By capturing stereo-panoramas at resolutions above 100 Megapixels, virtual reality becomes reality. Although stepping into pictures is great, what you want to be able to do is walk in them. That is exactly what we are producing. We are testing and developing a variety of 360′ stereo capture devices to allow for real-time navigation in photorealistic environments. In this project, we use specially assembled camera rigs on robotic mounts to capture 360′ immersive stereo at very high resolution (over 100 megapixels for each eye).


If you join this ongoing project, you will be able to work on exciting things such as:

    • Going on photo-shoots and learning how to capture immersive content.
    • Learning how to create immersive photorealistic content, worlds, and art.gear_vr-300x154
    • Building new tools for immersive digital editing.
  • Learning the production process for digital immersive content.
  • And attending conferences and workshops to show off your work!

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