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The class I need for spring is already full?

If you find that a course you needed for spring is full, here are a few things you can do:

Boise State B Statue
  1. Use the waitlist feature when possible.  The waitlist will automatically update your enrollment if a seat becomes available.  Waitlist FAQ
  2. Many ECE courses have associated labs and the waitlist won’t work for them.  Instead, use the ECE Department’s ECE Waitlist form. This information will be used to determine whether to add seats or open a new section.  Remember this form is just for courses with an ECE prefix.

If you find there are seats in the class you need but you don’t meet prereqs, you can email the course instructor for a permission number.  The ECE Department strictly enforces prerequisites for required undergrad courses, so be prepared to demonstrate how you’ve met course prerequisites.