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Peer-reviewed Publications (*corresponding author).

[17] Grant, S. B.*, Gomez‐Velez, J. D., Ghisalberti, M., Guymer, I., Boano, F., Roche, K.R., & Harvey, J. (2020). A One‐Dimensional Model for Turbulent Mixing in the Benthic Biolayer of Stream and Coastal Sediments. Water Resources Research, e2019WR026822.

[16] Roche, K.R., Müller-Itten*, M., Dralle, D., Bolster, D., & Müller, M.F.* (2020). “Climate change and the opportunity cost of conflict.” Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 117 (4) 1935-1940. (Notre Dame Press Release)

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[13] Ward, A.S.*, et al. (2019). “Co-located contemporaneous mapping of morphological, hydrological, chemical, and biological conditions in a 5th-order mountain stream network, Oregon, USA.” Earth System Science Data, 11(4), 1567-1581.

[12] Kim, J., Roche, K.R., Bolster, D., & Doudrick, K.* (2019). “Transport of Food- and Catalytic-Grade Titanium Dioxide Nanoparticles in Controlled Field Streams with Varying Streambed and Biofilm Conditions.” Environmental Science: Nano 6 (11), 3454-3466.

[11] Riis, T.*, Reisinger, A.J., Aubeneau, A., Roche, K.R., et al. (2019). “Riverine macrophytes control seasonal nutrient uptake via both physical and biological pathways.” Freshw Biol., 00, 1-15.

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[9] Sherman, T.*, Roche, K.R., Richter, D., Packman, A.I., & Bolster, D. (2019). “A dual domain stochastic model for predicting transport in open channels with hyporheic exchange.” Advances in Water Resources, 125, 57-67.

[8] Roche, K.R.*, Shogren, A., Aubeneau, A.F., Tank, J.T., & Bolster, D. (2019). “Modeling benthic vs. hyporheic uptake in unshaded streams with varying substrates.” JGR-Biogeosciences124(2), 367-383.

[7] Lian, Y.P., Dallmann, J., Sonin, B., Roche, K.R., Liu, W.K., Packman, A.I., Wagner, G.J.* (2019). “Large eddy simulation of turbulent flow over and through a rough permeable bed.” Computers and Fluids, 180, 128-138.

[6] Roche, K.R.*, Blois, G., Best, J.L., Christensen, K.T., Aubeneau, A.F., & Packman, A.I. (2018). “Turbulence links momentum and solute exchange in coarse‐grained streambeds.” Water Resources Research, 54 (Editor’s Choice Award; Featured in Eos)

[5] Aquino, T.*, Roche, K.R., Aubeneau, A.F., Packman, A.I., & Bolster, D. (2017). “A Process-based model for bioturbation-induced mixing.” Scientific Reports, 7 (1), 14287.

[4] Roche, K.R.*, Drummond, J.D., Boano, F., Packman, A.I., Battin, T.J., & Hunter, W.R. (2016). “Benthic Biofilm Controls on Fine Particle Dynamics in Streams.” Water Resources Research, 53, 222–236.

[3] Roche, K.R.*, Aubeneau, A.F., Xie, M., Aquino, T., Bolster, D., & Packman, A.I. (2016). “An Integrated Experimental and Modeling Approach to Predict Sediment Mixing from Benthic Burrowing Behavior.” Environmental Science and Technology50 (18), 10047–10054.

[2] Stonedahl, S. H.*, Roche, K.R., Stonedahl, F., & Packman, A. I. (2015). “Visualizing hyporheic flow through bedforms using dye experiments and simulation.” Journal of Visualized Experiments, (105), e53285-e53285.

[1] Roche, K. & Douce, L. (2007)*. “Synthesis of Mesomorphic 3,5-Bis(3,4,5-trialkyloxybenzoylamino)-4-methylbenzoates Involving Intermolecular Hydrogen Bonding.” Journal of the Iranian Chemical Society, Vol. 4, No. 4., 402-407.

Other Publications

Roche, K. R., A. M. Marshall, P. Paiewonsky, J. Yan, L. Brenner, and S. M. Saia (2019), The value of early-career mentoring through AGU, Eos, 100, Published on 02 August 2019

Roche, K.R. Transport Processes at the Sediment-Water Interface (2017). Northwestern University


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