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I am currently recruiting two graduate students interested in studying environmental transport processes in streams, groundwaters, and engineered water systems. Potential research topics include (but are not limited to):

  • Investigating feedbacks between mass transport (solutes and particles), microbial growth, and reactions in natural and engineered systems. The student will have the opportunity to design and execute  laboratory experiments and leverage the capabilities within BSU’s Biomolecular Research Center. Outcomes from this work will lead to an improved physical basis for modeling the fate of  societally-relevant constituents (e.g., carbon, nutrients, and contaminants).
  • Modeling (numerical and analytical) of reactive transport processes in natural and engineered hydrologic systems, at scales ranging from porewaters to river networks. This work aims to build predictive, physically based models that capture the spatial and temporal variability inherent to these systems.

Students must have a bachelor’s or masters degree in engineering, physics, earth sciences, or a related degree with relevant quantitative coursework. Those with prior experience performing small-scale experiments (e.g., columns, microfluidics, biofilm growth), coding experience (e.g., Python, Matlab), and/or a strong interest in mathematical modeling are encouraged to apply. Individuals interested in fieldwork will have the opportunity to collaborate with researchers in Boise State’s Department of Geosciences. I am committed to fostering a diverse, equitable, and inclusive research group whose trajectory is shaped by the unique backgrounds of its members. Click here for resources that support Boise State University’s commitment to a diverse and inclusive on-campus culture.

Please email Kevin Roche directly before applying and include both a CV and a brief (max 1 page) statement of research interests. Students will be members of the Department of Civil Engineering and will join an interdisciplinary Ph.D. program that best suits their skills and interests. The start date is flexible, with the option of beginning Fall 2021 or Spring 2022. Please see the Graduate College webpage for more information. Application due dates are program dependent, with priority given for applications received by Dec. 15 (Geosciences) or Jan 15 (all interdisciplinary engineering programs).

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