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User Fees

The fee rate schedule (2020 academic fiscal year) is summarized in the table below and described in more detail in subsequent descriptions:

InstrumentUniversity Hourly RateFederal/Academic Non-Boise State Hourly RateNon-Academic & Industry Hourly Rate
Additive Manufacturing Print & Cure Suite$12.00$17.00$67.00
AJA Orion 5 PVD System #1$40.00$56.00$106.00
AJA Orion 5 PVD System #2$40.00$56.00$106.00
ADT 982-6 Wafer Dicing System$20.00$28.00$78.00
Blue M SV-57A OvenNC$10.00$60.00
Branson Dionex 3000 Asher$20.00$28.00$78.00
Bruker Dektak Stylus Profiler$11.00$15.00$65.00
CHA 600 Thermal Evaporator$20.00$28.00$78.00
Delta Design Environmental OvenNC$10.00$60.00
Electron Beam Lithography Suite

  • JST Solvent/Spin Coat Station
  • JST Base Wet Station
  • JA Woollam M-2000 Ellipsometer
Fisher Scientific High Temp OvenNC$10.00$60.00
Fujifilm Dimatix DMP-2850 Inkjet Printer$12.00$17.00$67.00
JA Woollam M-2000 Ellipsometer$11.00$15.00$65.00
JST Acid Wet Station$20.00$28.00$78.00
JST Base Wet Station$11.00$15.00$65.00
JST Solvent Bench/Spin Coat Station$12.00$17.00$67.00
K & S Wire bond System$20.00$28.00$78.00
Modular Process Technology RTP600S$20.00$28.00$78.00
nScrypt 150-3Dn-HP Microdispense System$11.00$15.00$65.00
Nikon Microscope with Imaging Capture SoftwareNC$10.00$20.00
OAI 5000 Proximity Aligner$20.00$28.00$78.00
Optomec 200 Aerosol Jet Printer$12.00$17.00$67.00
Oxford Instruments Plasmalab 100 RIE$40.00$56.00$106.00
Photolithography Suite (all incl.)

  • JST Solvent/Spin Coat Station
  • JST Base Wet Station
  • Quintel Q-4000 Contact Aligner
  • OAI 5000 Proximity Aligner
  • Semitool ST-460 SRD
PVA TePLa Oxygen Plasma System$20.00$28.00$78.00
Quintel Q-4000 Contact Aligner$20.00$28.00$78.00
Signatone Four Point Probe$11.00$15.00$65.00
Semitool ST-460 SRD$11.00$15.00$65.00
Thermco MB-80 Oxidation Furnace$11.00$15.00$65.00
Thermco MB-80 Diffusion Furnace$11.00$15.00$65.00
Torr CrC150 Sputter Coating System$11.00$15.00$65.00
Veeco 100 Ion Milling System$40.00$56.00$106.00
Xenon S-2100 Flash Lamp Sintering Oven$11.00$15.00$65.00
Westbond Wire Bond System$11.00$15.00$65.00
Wyko NT1100 Optical Profiler$11.00$15.00$65.00
Zeiss A1 Axio Scope and Imaging SoftwareNC$10.00$20.00

Identification and Definition of Users

Rate AInternal users: Boise State University-affiliated professors, staff, students, research assistants, post-docs, visiting scholars, etc. (anyone who is employed by or has an appointment at Boise State University, including BSU federally sponsored projects).

Rate BFederally funded, sponsored research projects by non-BSU entities.  Or other academic users: Professors, staff, students, research assistants, post-docs, visiting scholars, etc. employed at or having an appointment at a non-Boise State University affiliated institution.  Lab users in this category must be doing academic research.  Industry-funded research will be charged the industrial rate (Rate C).  The Engineering Support Charge of $50/Hr is applied.

Rate CAny non-academic affiliated entities, including national laboratories.  The Engineering Support Charge of $50/Hr is applied.