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Chemistry and Biochemistry Seminar Series

Seminars: April 2, 2021 – 1:30-2:20 PM
Zoom Meeting ID: 916 7317 3207
Passcode: BroncoChem

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“Improving Sagebrush Identification Using UV”

Jayden Brandt
Lisa Warner Lab
Boise State University

Throughout the years, sagebrush has been misidentified countless times. Correctly identifying sagebrush will provide more information about the palpability for wildlife, along with its forgeability. Through fluorescence analysis, the identification of sagebrush can be improved. Sagebrush contain coumarins, which are highly conjugated compounds that fluoresce under UV light. Numerous subspecies of sagebrush have been examined and compared to the standard coumarin, Scopoletin. Standard curves have been generated and preliminary data collection has begun using a fluorescent plate reader. Our goal is to test the ability to collect and analyze sagebrush in the field via a mobile phone application.

“Preliminary Synthesis and analysis of C6/C7 substituted¬†Aziridinomitosene Analogs”

Anthony Merlo
Don Warner Lab,
Boise State University

Azridinomitosene complexes (AZMs) are a proposed replacement for Mitomycin C (MC), a clinically used anticancer reagent. Unfortunately, MC has been shown to for reactive oxygen species (ROS). MC is effective against cancer because of its ability to alkylate DNA into Interstrand crosslinks. These properties have also been shown by AZMs with none of the reported side effects of MC. The goal to this synthesis is finding an AZM analog that can properly, diffuse through the cell membrane, alkylate DNA, and remain stable within the cell. Much of the focus has been directed to synthesis of the dimethyl C6/C7 AZM with strong belief that this molecule can fulfill these purposes. Synthesis of preliminary starting material has been the main focus. Much of the starting material was able to be synthesized, purified, and characterized creating a straight forward process to continue the total synthesis.

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The seminar series is presented by the Boise State Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry. For more information, contact Karri Burgess.