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Participate in a COVID research project

cartoon drawn by an engineering student
See bottom of post for accessible cartoon description

Calling all STEM students! We are interested in your experiences through the Covid-19 pandemic and how it has affected you—personally or professionally. We are collecting illustrations of pandemic stories through our research, which will be published electronically. This project does not require any sort of talent with art, just a willingness to express your personal story through any media, including stick figures, memes.

If you are interested, we ask that you draw a personal experience from the pandemic and take this survey:

We look forward to hearing from you, and we hope you remain safe and healthy in these troubling times.

If you have any questions about the research project or its outcomes, please email
Dr. Krishna Pakala – Assistant Professor – Mechanical and Biomedical Engineering
Addie Totman- HERC Undergraduate Research Assistant – Mechanical Engineering

Description of cartoon

Panel 1:  Instructor in face shield in front of classroom – “Alright class, we haven’t had an extra credit quiz in a few weeks. Will you please get out a piece of paper and submit to your google drive what ‘FLT’ stands for in relation to pi terms.”

Panel 2: Student writing on tablet (F = filling amt/type; L = length of time in oven; T = type of crust) – “Hm, maybe I should’ve read the chapter … ?”

Panel 3: Student looking at computer screen with message from instructor (Hi All: I would just like to clarify that the quiz today was for pi terms and not pie terms. There seems to be some confusion among some of you. Be well. Thanks, Dr. Pakala) – “I just figured that because it was getting close to the holidays that Dr. Pakala was looking for pie ideas. Hm, I guess not.”