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Elective Options for Spring 2022

Students walking down a sidewalk in autumn

As you’re looking at your elective options for Spring 2022, take another look at these offerings.

ENGR 360: Engineering Economics

Mondays 4:30-7:15 PM
RUCH 314
3 credits

Economic analysis and comparison of engineering alternatives by annual cost, present-worth, capitalized cost, and rate-of-return methods; income tax considerations.

Why you should take this course:

  • Taught by Chris Garvin, a private-sector practicing engineer with 25+ years of experience
  • Learn real-life useful financial analysis of engineering projects (or any other deal involving cash flows at various times)
  • Learn how taxes work and how they affect decision-making for projects
  • Learn how engineering firms make money
  • Learn how engineering firms hire and pay
  • No books! All materials provided by professor free

E-mail the professor ( for a copy of the syllabus or if you have questions about the class.

ME 497: Getting to Net Zero

Tuesday/Thursday 10:30-11:45AM
UI Boise Campus (322 E. Front St. Suite 360) + Online
3 credits

UI listed as ME 404/ARCH 404
How do we design and operate buildings that will produce as much energy as they consume? Students will learn the principles of integrated design and how to use energy modeling to estimate building energy consumption. Guest lectures from professors at UI and BSU will provide students with the tools needed to calculate solar, wind, and hydro resources to power buildings. This course will be available live in-person (in Boise) and through online recordings.

Instructor:  Dr. L. Damon Woods, Interim Director, Integrated Design Lab

For questions, please contact the instructor: