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Infant Biomechanics Research Study – Babies Needed!

baby laying on a blanket

My name is Danielle Siegel and I am a Graduate Student Researcher at Boise State University. We are conducting a biomechanics study on healthy infants to learn more about how healthy babies ages 1‐7 months old are moving and using their muscles while they are positioned within common commercial products. The non‐invasive testing will take 2 hours and you will be with your baby the entire time. We are offering a $75 gift card as a thank you for participating.

Danielle Siegel

If you are interested in helping us meet our enrollment goal for the study by having your baby participate, we would like to schedule a time to call you. Please do not hesitate to contact me (; 208‐918‐3947) or Dr. Erin Mannen (; 208‐426‐4053) for more information.

Thank you for your time.

Danielle Siegel, Graduate Student Researcher
Mechanical and Biomedical Engineering Department
Boise Applied Biomechanics of Infants (BABI) Laboratory
Boise State University