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Make Your Voice Heard in Boise State Student Government

We are excited to welcome you to YOUR campus this fall and while you will have a number of interests that compete for your time, I hope you consider serving in student government. It is a great opportunity to not only get more involved on campus, but also to meet new people, and to be honest, it looks good on a resume.

There are both General Assembly and Senate positions available to all incoming students. Each position provides a similar opportunity but represents different populations. The Assembly is based on specific targeted groups such as first year students, in-state/out of state residents, transfer students, etc. On the other hand, the Senate is based on a student’s major and they represent their college (College of Business and Economics, College of Arts and Sciences, etc.)

For these positions, you don’t have to run for office. You simply need to complete the application and potentially a short interview. This is an opportunity that provides a great number of benefits with a small degree of work required. I hope that you will consider completing this application. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out.

Assembly Application

Senate Application

I look forward to seeing you all on campus later this month.

Go Broncos!

Adam N. Jones
Student Body President
Boise State University