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Boise State Energy-related courses for Spring 2023

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Have an interest in energy systems, policy, and production? Take a look at classes being offered next semester!

Spring 2023 Energy Courses

Power System Analysis I

ECE 473, Power System Analysis I

Description: Three-phase AC systems, generators, transformers, transmission lines, one-line diagrams, per-unit system, network calculations, load flow studies, and power system operation. Introduction to cyber-physical security in power systems, cyber threats, and case studies.

Prerequisites: ECE 212 Circuit Analysis and Design or ENGR 240 Electrical and Electronic Circuits
Schedule: TuTh from 4:30 – 5:45 PM
Location: Ruch 313
Instructor: Dr. Eklas Hossain

Energy for Society

ENGR 100, Energy for Society and
ENGR 100L, an optional lab to accompany ENGR 100

Description: A basic understanding of energy and how it has been put to use is developed to promote a better understanding of our present technological society with its energy, environmental, social, and political problems. Alternative and conventional energy solutions are considered. This is a general interest course, having no prerequisite.

Prerequisites: N/A
Schedule: Asynchronous
Location: Online
Instructor: Kasandra Wolf

Creating Sustainable Goods and Services

SCM 420, Creating Sustainable Goods and Services

When done right, sustainability increases brand differentiation, reduces costs and increases resilience. The supply chain is the key to unlocking improvements in product/service innovation, energy efficiency, community health, and economic equity, along with superior economic returns. In fact, sustainable supply chain management has been termed the next industrial revolution. We will learn about numerous tools for increasing sustainability throughout the supply chain and throughout the lifecycle of products and services. These tools include greenhouse gas footprints, green design (DfE) and closed loops. We will cover key tools and concepts that are not supply chain specific, such as fair trade and pay equity. There will also be a hands-on class project in which you will be consulting with a Boise area business or non-profit, such as Boise Global Gardens or Boise Bicycle Project, to solve a real problem.

Prerequisites: COBE Admission, SCM 301, MATH160 or MATH 170 Non-COBE students are encouraged to enroll. Please contact Prof. Gattiker if you are interested but have prerequisite issues or other concerns.
Hybrid format
Instructor: Tom Gattiker

Intro to the Environment

ENVSTD 121 Intro to the Environment

Introduction to the interdisciplinary nature of environmental concepts and issues, grounded in the natural sciences, with some attention to social sciences, and policy. Focus on complexity and splendor of the natural world and how it sustains human and non-human life. Examine major impacts on environmental systems, how these affect human wellbeing, and how to address these challenges.

Class Notes: Downloading a third party proctoring software may be needed in the administration of assessments such as quizzes and tests.

FEES: This course uses Inclusive Access to deliver digital course materials on the first day of class. The charge associated with these materials is listed as a course material fee. If you enroll in this course, you will receive further information about these materials and fees a few weeks before classes begin. Fees are subject to change.

NOTE: As part of this course, students have the opportunity to gain hands-on experiences in the community through service-learning. Students apply course concepts to address community issues and to empower positive change, while expanding their professional networks.

Requirement Designation: Integrated Service-Learning.
Has an energy module
No prerequisites

Materials, Resources, and Sustainability

Materials, Resources, and Sustainability 497 / 597

Code: For upper division undergraduate students 497 special topics courses in BIO, CMNG, ECE, ENGR, ENVSTD, HIST, ME, MSE, PHIL, and POLS.
For graduate students as 597 special topics courses in ECE, ENGR, HES, and MSE.

Description: This course discusses how the importance of rare materials in modern technology such as the cell phone along with the scarcity of usable sources of these resources (e.g. ore deposits) create geopolitical instability, supply chain failure, environmental challenges – and opportunities to engage in meaningful careers. We will read David S. Abraham The Elements of Power – Gadgets, Guns, and the Struggle for a Sustainable Future in the Rare Metal Age and attend seminar presentations of government, industry, and academic speakers.

Prereqs: None
Instructors: Drs. Stephen Crowley and Peter Mullner

Thinking & Sustainability

HES 220: Thinking & Sustainability

The course covers sustainability. General principles are relevant to energy issues.

Instructor: Vicken Hillis

Energy and Environment

ENVSTD 410 / ENGR 497 Energy and Environment

Examines changing energy resource portfolios and the environmental and social implications of these changes. Explores tensions associated with infrastructure scale, path dependence, and energy justice. Considers the evolving public policy response to challenges and opportunities at local, state, regional, national, and international levels.

Instructor: Dr.Stephanie Lenhart

No prerequisites

This list of courses is provided by the Boise State Energy Policy Institute (