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Free light kits for unlit cyclists

photo of bike

(Photo: Robert Bye/ Unsplash)

Under Idaho Code, all cyclists are required to have a front light that’s visible from 500 feet away and a rear reflector.

If you’re a cyclist and don’t have a light or reflector, you can get them for free on Wednesday.

As a part of October being Bike Safety Month, the City of Boise and other transportation agencies will be giving out free lights this Wednesday at different pop-up sites in Ada County from 4 – 7 p.m. Volunteers will install front and rear light sets on unlit bikes.

Check out this map to find a pop-up location near you.

As the days get shorter and darker, ACH has some tips for cyclists riding in the dark:

  • Illuminate your ride: Use a white headlight and a rear reflector (or, better yet, a red tail light) when riding in the dark. Try rechargeable batteries and keep your bike lights charged. Reflective tape or stickers for your bicycle and gear are also a great investment. Grab a friend and photograph each others’ bikes from a distance to see how visible you really are.
  • Assume drivers don’t see you: Veer on the side of caution and don’t assume that a driver can see you, even when you have the right of way. Give traffic an extra look before crossing at intersections.
  • Dress brightly: Wear reflective materials and/or bright-colored attire (high visibility helmet, jacket, shoes, and gloves are all items you can buy at your local bike shop).

Source: 10/2/23