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SCUDEM VIII 2023 – Team Modeling with Differential Equations

SCUDEM_logoSIMIODE Challenge Using Differential Equations Modeling

SCUDEM VIII 2023 — 20 October–13 November 2023
Registration Open through 20 October 2023
See complete details at SCUDEM along with all previous problems posed, student results, and team videos from all past SCUDEM Events.

FREE MatLab license for all registered teams and coaches with tutorial support from MathWorks.

On 10 October 2023, 6:00 – 7:30 PM EDT join a MatLab and Simulink seminar – OPEN TO THE PUBLIC – in which a problem from SCUDEM VII 2022 will be used to show how to model. The workshop will be recorded and made available at a later date.


  • Three-member student teams (high school, home school, and undergraduate) work on one of three model choices in engineering/physics, chemistry/life sciences, or social sciences/humanities and produce a ten-minute video of their modeling efforts.
  • Registration is $33 USD per student team member.
  • Registered students and coaches receive a FREE license to MathWorks powerful software MatLab.
  • Coach/Mentor Period 24 August – 20 October 2023 – Coach and team members work on modeling and presentation skills.
  • Challenge Period 20 October – 13 November 2023 – teams work independent of coach to produce and upload 10-minute model presentation video for judging.
  • In recent years each team received on average 8 judge’s comment sets – terrific growth and learning feedback.
  • Awards: Outstanding, Meritorious, Successful – Outstanding Award team videos published at SIMIODE YouTube Channel.
  • Opportunity to Mentor/Coach team of bright young students.
  • We need volunteer Judges – watch three team videos, enjoy the energy, give feedback, and be a part of something important and meaningful to students.

Watch the Collegial Conversation webinar, conducted by Brian Winkel (Director SIMIODE) and Anthony Stefan (Florida Institute of Technology) for practical advice for Coaches and Student Challengers. The conversation includes helpful links to details, guiding materials, practical advice, discussions, questions, and clarifications to make the SCUDEM experience successful and enjoyable.

Join us for this remarkable opportunity to experience modeling with differential equations.

Register now as Student, Coach, or Judge for SCUDEM
We need volunteer judges to give meaningful feedback and enjoy seeing great student work.

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