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MBE Student Advisory Board seeks nominees

collage of diverse student faces
Our students don’t all come from the same background, so why should our decisions be from a single perspective? The Student Advisory Board is the student voice of your MBE department.

The Mechanical and Biomedical Engineering Department believes that effective education requires input from our students. That’s why we formed the MBE Student Advisory Board (SAB) to guide decisions on budget, professional fees, academic courses, and student resources, as well as to make us aware of problems, obstacles, opportunities, and achievements that our student body encounters. (For details on the SAB and what it does, go to the SAB webpage)


Who serves on the SAB?

2023-2024 Advisory Board Members

Your 2023-2024 SAB members: Nuha Akhtar, Maeve Bakic, Phoebe Cain, Devon Crump, Emma Hill, [Row 2] Genevieve Overmeyer, Ian Pena, Dani Rojas, Jake West
The SAB is looking for students from all levels and interests in the ME program. Your Board should reflect perspectives from:

    • freshman- through senior-level students (pre-ME and ME)
    • students on traditional college paths as well as those who have bounced around a lot
    • those exploring many ME fields to those who are keenly aware of what they want to do
    • first-generation college students, those returning to school after working, and those who are pursuing a second-degree
    • students from down the street, across Idaho, another state, or around the world
    • students with obligations – family, work, military, athletics – who can share their challenges
    • everyone else!

We want to make sure that our students are heard!


girl in sweater seated on floor with a laptopHow to nominate

To nominate yourself or someone else, please complete the Google form located below. Self-nominees will be asked for information to help us complete the ballots (course level, interests, involvement, etc.) plus a photo. Other nominees will be approached to see if they are interested and asked for this information if they reply positively.

Submit a Nomination


Important dates


    • April 19  –  Nominations due
    • April 22  –  Ballots go out to all ME and Pre-ME students
    • April 26  –  Voting closes
    • April 29  –  Elected SAB members will be announced


How are SAB members selected?

As our Board members are representatives of the MBE student body, we ask our students to vote for who they want in that role. A general ballot will be sent out in late-March to all ME and Pre-ME students with information about each of the candidates available. We ensure there is representation at all levels of the program (so it won’t be just seniors on the Board).

sample of a candidate bio from the 2018-2019 Student Advisory Board ballot
sample of a candidate bio from the 2018-2019 Student Advisory Board ballot


If you have questions about the Student Advisory Board, the nomination and voting process, or anything else, feel free to contact:

Justin Larson
HR/Outreach Coordinator
Mechanical and Biomedical Engineering
MBE Office – Ruch 201