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Summer Series Zoom Style

Join the College of Engineering for interactive interviews, panels, and presentations with COEN alumni, and partners. Learn more about the exciting fields of engineering, computer science, and construction management.

Wednesdays, at 4:00 or 5:00pm (MST)
June 10 – August 5

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Sustainable Energy

June 17, 5pm


Meet alumni from the Mechanical Engineering program at Boise State. These three engineers work in the sustainable/renewable energy industry.

Host: Yvette Barrios   Panel: Todd Haynes, Lars Dorr, Melissa Elkinton

Watch the Recorded Zoom Meeting – Sustainable Energy

Electrical Engineering

July 8, 4pm

Electrical Engineering – Meet Dan Isla, an Electrical Engineering alum that currently works at Google, and previously worked at NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory!

Join Zoom Meeting – Electrical Engineering

Northrop Grumman

July 15, 5pm

Meet COEN alums that work at Northrop Grumman!

COEN Alums

Emilie Murphy, ME 2017 (Masters in 2019)
Matthew Macrae, ME 2017
Nicolas Gagnon, ME 2017

Join Zoom Meeting – Northrop Grumman