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About Us

Engineering Building

Our highly trained faculty are a valuable asset to Idaho’s public and private sectors. Their vast expertise includes a wide range of disciplines: microelectronics, material science, environmental engineering, to name only a few. Faculty members are instrumental in obtaining substantial grants and gifts from industry for equipment to support both introductory and advanced studies in digital hardware design, integrated design, device mechanics, robotics, fluid mechanics, and soil mechanics….The graduate and undergraduate curriculums are designed to integrate the needs of students with those of local industry and governmental agencies. Students are strongly encouraged to participate in internships during their college career. These internships, which provide university credit, can be in the form of part-time employment during the school year, or full-/part-time employment during the summer.

The success of our programs relies heavily on five major entities:

  • dedicated students motivated to succeed and demand high-quality education
  • faculty with a wide range and variety of industry and academic experience, combined with an abiding passion to teach and conduct research
  • an administration which reveres excellence in education and scholarly activity
  • advisory boards from industry which provide invaluable support and guidance
  • Idaho taxpayers who recognize both the value and cost of exceptional, professional education

Engineering embodies Boise State University’s aspiration to inspire and enable students, faculty and staff through an active commitment to diversity and inclusion.  Guiding principles, resources, and program information are available from the Student Diversity and Inclusion team.