Harish Subbaraman (left) with Jim Browning, Ken Cornell, David Estrada and Nirmala Kandadai pose with a plasma printer in a Ruch building COEN lab

Offering Depth & Balance

Student demand has made the Boise State University College of Engineering one of the fastest growing colleges on campus. In 2019, we have approximately 2,600 students enrolled in our degree programs, and the college plays a critical role in pursuing scientific and educational research for the benefit of society, our economy, and environment. This is a college of problem solvers and makers. Here faculty and students explore how to leverage computer science, electrical and mechanical engineering, the science of materials, and civil engineering and construction management expertise to expand basic knowledge, and to build machines, products, roads, and buildings. We also examine the interplay between what we build and the natural environment, and how to optimize system and organizational performance. College educational research has included studies of how to increase interest among young people in science and engineering, remove college teaching obstacles, and close the performance gap between graduating students and first-year workers.

To maintain a balanced commitment to high-quality research and education, we offer:

For More About our Research Strengths

While Boise State supports a wide variety of research, it has identified five university-wide strengths where we are making substantive impacts: Materials Science, Geosciences, Sensors, Public Policy, and Creative Writing. Several of these research strengths directly or indirectly involve the College of Engineering. Our Division of Research & Economic Development provides fact sheets about each.