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Research is a powerful tool we use to discover, teach, integrate, and apply new knowledge. In their role as scholars, our faculty members and many students conduct research to nurture national leadership in science and engineering, energize classrooms with current and relevant content, and contribute to society, the economy, the environment, and regional vitality.

Harish Subbaraman (left) with Jim Browning, Ken Cornell, David Estrada and Nirmala Kandadai pose with a plasma printer in a Ruch building COEN lab

Serving the Region & Our Students

Fostering research is essential at Boise State given our role as the largest public university in Idaho, and mandate to serve the region. At this college we use basic, applied, and often interdisciplinary research to examine machines, computer systems, products, roads, and buildings, systems and organizations, the interplay between engineered systems and the environment, and engineering education.

The College of Engineering also has a long history of providing substantive research opportunities to both undergraduate and graduate students, a boon not only to advancing research, but also to keeping students engaged, in school, and well positioned for a range of advanced educational opportunities.


More About our Research Strengths

While Boise State supports a wide variety of research, it has identified five university-wide strengths where we are making substantive impacts: Materials Science, Geosciences, Sensors, Public Policy, and Creative Writing. Several of these research strengths directly or indirectly involve the College of Engineering. Our Division of Research & Economic Development provides fact sheets about each.

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