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Special Events

University Special Events and Protocol assists in the planning, design and management of high-profile, high-impact events. These may include speaker engagements, conferences, national and international visits, special events hosted by the president or vice presidents, as well as select university-wide events.

University Special Events and Protocol also helps ensure that Boise State University’s standard of hospitality is upheld for all events by offering Boise State departments and divisions information on event planning, best practices, policies and more.

Event Planning Resources

How to present your event

An Event Run-of-Show is a critical tool when coordinating event staff, speakers, entertainment and venue operators.

The Alumni/Foundation database provides detailed information to help build invite lists.

Be prepared for your guests

Contact the Office of Risk Management and Insurance for recommendations on liability coverage.

Plan for guest parking during your event at available lots, Brady or Lincoln garages.

Boise State Campus Security and Police Services can provide or arrange for highly skilled professional security, law enforcement and emergency medical personnel to support events as needed.

Planning a Virtual Event

In light of the recent pandemic, virtual events are becoming the newest way to host a gathering. The Special Events team has these tips to help make your virtual event a success. If you have any questions about virtual events or how you can host one at Boise State, please feel free to reach out to our team.

Things to think about before you start planning

What is your objective?

Thinking about what you are trying to accomplish with the event will help determine how you execute the event. It’s where you should start before you begin brainstorming ideas.

Who is your audience?

What are the demographics? Where are they located? How are they affiliated? These are all questions that will also determine the execution of the virtual event.

Do you have a budget?

This will determine many things for your virtual event including the platform you will be able to utilize (free or paid), any extra additions to the event (ie: video production), etc.

Picking the right virtual event platform

There are hundreds of virtual event platforms at your disposal. At Boise State, however, we primarily use Zoom Meeting and Zoom Webinar. Every Boise State employee can use their credentials to access the Boise State license for Zoom Meeting. Here are things to keep in mind when choosing the platform for your virtual event:

  • Think back about your objective. How will the platform enhance it?
  • What do you want the guest experience to be?
  • What type of information is being shared in your event?
  • Interactive vs. Informational

If you need help navigating the correct platform to use or want to discuss Zoom, the Special Events team can help.

Other important information

Create a detailed run of show

Just like in an in-person event, you should create a very detailed run of show for your virtual event. We have found that the more detailed the better. Include talking points, transitions, notes for your hosts/co-hosts, when to queue the slide deck(s), etc.

Add different multimedia and/or extras to the event

By multimedia, we mean pre-recorded video messages, slide decks, music, etc. You can do any of those things and also include add-ons such as polling, live on-screen photo opportunities, surprise guests. Anything that will add a little more depth to your event and keep your audience engaged is highly encouraged.

Promoting your event

Special Events Staff