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Osteoarthritis is no match for these interdisciplinary doctoral students

Materials science graduate student Victoria Voke, computing graduate student Kalin Gibbons, and biomedical engineering student Vahid Meloby work on projects in Computational Biosciences Lab, photo Patrick Sweeney

-By Brianne Phillips

Computational modeling of human anatomy and skeletal structures has advanced so much in the past few decades it seems almost unreal, yet three Boise State students are pooling their interdisciplinary abilities to push it even further.

Though they are all doctoral students, Victoria Volk, Kalin Gibbons and Vahid Malbouby are from diverse programs and backgrounds. Volk is a former certified nursing assistant from central Illinois who studies materials science and engineering; Gibbons was born in Alberta, Canada, and is in Boise State’s computing program; and Malbouby came from Iran to focus on biomedical engineering.

Instead of separating these three researchers, their individual knowledge and interests make it possible to tackle nuanced problems together, such as the modeling of joints affected by osteoarthritis…  Continue Reading