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About Us

Our unique program integrates a wide range of faculty from programs across campus to meet the needs of Computing Ph.D. students in all emphasis areas. This allows us to achieve our mission, which is to train the next generation of computing researchers who will develop solutions to complex problems in every sector of society; from traditional science and engineering domains to key areas such as national security, public health, and economic innovation.

Program History and Quick Facts:

  • The program began in Fall 2016 with five students and three emphasis areas: Computer Science, Computational Math, Science and Engineering, and Cybersecurity.
  • In 2018 we added the Data Science emphasis.
  • You can read the story about Samer Khamaiseh, the first student to defend his dissertation, here and his personal journey here.  You can read more student stories on the Computing News and Events webpage.
  • Initial graduates have obtained jobs in academia, industry, and government.
  • As of Fall 2020, there are 50 students enrolled in the program with 30 advisors across 6 departments.

Where to Find Us

The program co-directors and support staff have offices on the main Boise State campus and downtown in the City Center Plaza building. Visit our staff page for individual office locations.

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I Chose Boise State Because There is a Diverse Community of Students

My adviser…is an organized, wise and trusted counselor or teacher who always keeps track of my research progress and motivates me to attend conferences to expand my research. She also encourages me to read articles and discuss passages from those papers with me. As a mentor, she is someone who is always in a student’s corner. I chose Boise State because there is a diverse community of students, free fun events on campus for students, and helpful faculty members.

-Amrina Ferdous, Ph.D. Student with an Emphasis in Data Science