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UPDATE: CSE Ph.D. Student Earns Year Round Internship in Computational Science at Sandia National Lab

Computing Ph.D. Student Andrew Jones has been asked to extend his research and summer internship with the Sandia National Lab, the largest DOE National Lab in the country, to a year-round internship. This will allow him to gain more experience and insight into how the lab operates and will fuel more collaboration with the scientists there.

At the Sandia National Lab, Andrew is still working in the Center for Computing Research (CCR) on accelerating particle methods for solving partial differential equations. His goal is to create a particle/meshfree code for atmospheric transport problems. “Together with my advisor here at Boise State, Grady Wright, and my advisor at CCR, Peter Bosler,  I am developing new algorithms for meshfree methods to incorporate with existing particle-based algorithms used in codes at Sandia.”

Jones has been working remotely since the beginning of summer due to COVID 19. “Due to virtual working, things are different.” but “Overall the whole experience has been awesome and if I was there it would be even better.”  and he’s enjoyed learning Sandia’s software package Kokkos and the C++ Template programming.  Jones hopes that his continued time at Sandia will help him when he looks for a permanent position there, or at another lab after graduation.

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