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Dr. Samer Khamaiseh

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Ph.D. Computing, emphasis in Cyber Security, 2019
M.S. in Computer Science
B.S. in Computer Science

Advisor: Dianxiang Xu

Post-graduation employment: Assistant Professor at Miami University and Director of the NSSR Cybersecurity Lab


My doctoral research focuses on networking security, specifically, Software-Defined Networking (SDN) security with the integration of machine learning and deep learning techniques. Currently, I am developing a smart early detection and countermeasure saturation network attacks system to protect SDN environments against a family of known and unknown network saturation attacks in real time. During my master’s degree which I designed a system to automatically generate security test cases from the artifacts of security requirements analysis. In addition, I explored ways to validate obligatory ABAC systems by proposing a model-based testing approach, which would scale to the size and complexity of modern systems. I am an author and co-author of multiple conference and journal publications on software and networking security. Also, I am an active reviewer for several periodic conference publications and peer-reviewed journals.