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Mostofa Najmus Sakib



Emphasis in Data Science
M.S. in Civil Engineering
B.S. in Civil and Environmental Engineering

Advisor: Francesca Spezzano


I have recently graduated with an MS in Civil Engineering from BSU, although my research was not on the traditional Civil Engineering track. My works involved development of a fraud detection algorithm and application of ML to track data discrepancies on test datasets from the Idaho Transportation Department. This research involved engagement with Computing, Data analysis, ML and AI which motivated me to take the next step of applying to the Computing PhD program.

My research focus interests are now with developing novel algorithms and application of ML/DL, Cyber Security, natural language processing, etc. For my PhD, I am focusing more on the modern research problems that require implementation of AI and algorithm development. Cyber Security is another emphasis where I have deep interest. I want to investigate the application of blockchain on healthcare and other related sectors.