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Noel Ellison

Noel Ellison



Bachelor’s in Biostatistics
Master’s in Statistics
Emphasis in Data Science

Currently seeking advisor


I have worked as a biostatistician and programmer in clinical trials research for over 10 years with most of those years spent researching neurodegenerative diseases. I am interested in developing tools to assist in resolving issues inherent to clinical trials data and modeling. My main research interest is in modeling and predicting the placebo effect for different therapies and disease types. While my research will focus on neurodegenerative diseases, I am interested to see if the placebo effect is similar across a variety of diseases. I hope to use this information to create a program that will generate accurate, simulated placebo data for clinical trials that did not enroll a placebo group. I hope to expand this program to generate simulated data for active treatment groups based on the expected treatment effect of the investigational medicinal product.