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Comprehensive Exam - Md Khorshed Alam

April 7, 2023 @ 12:00 pm MDT

Md Khorshed Alam – Computational Math Science and Engineering emphasis

Hybrid presentation
ERB 3127 (Upon approval of the request)
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Title: Impact of Nondiagonal Elements of Hydraulic Conductivity Tensor on Fluid Flow through Anisotropic Porous Media


According to Darcy, Darcy’s velocity is proportional to the hydraulic gradient via hydraulic conductivity. Darcy’s law was initially developed to calculate the one-dimensional flow velocity through porous media. Darcy’s law has since been generalized by the scientific community to analyze 2D and 3D flow. Because hydraulic gradient and Darcy’s flow velocity are vectors, hydraulic conductivity needs to be treated as a scalar for isotropic porous media and or a tensor for anisotropic porous media. In general, the tensor has three categories of major, intermediate, and minor principal hydraulic conductivity scalar values, where the minor principal orientation is normal to the stratigraphic plane, and the major and intermediate principal ones are aligned within the plane. Major and intermediate principal hydraulic conductivities are generally equal due to axisymmetry within the stratigraphic plane due to the axisymmetric nature of soil deposition. In a case where the flow is analyzed in the orthogonal system of coordinates aligned with the three principal orientations of the tensor (e.g., stratigraphic and XY planes are both horizontal), the tensor can be assumed diagonal. In this paper, a comprehensive review of the literature on the study of the influence of the full (nondiagonal) hydraulic-conductivity tensor on flow through various anisotropic media is provided and the research’s merits, limitations, and future directions in this area are offered.


Dr. Arvin Farid (Chair),​ Dr. Jodi Mead, Dr. Michal Kopera, Dr. Kevin Roche, Dr. Clare Fitzpatrick, CompEE