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Comprehensive Exam - Olayemi Jesutofunmi Adeyemi

November 11, 2022 @ 2:30 pm MST

Olayemi Jesutofunmi Adeyemi – Computational Math Science and Engineering

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Title: Mathematical modeling and microphysics of Snow Distribution


Snow cover plays a significant role in climate, hydrology, and ecological systems through its influence on the surface energy balance. Due to its excellent radiation reflection capacity, snow immediately affects the equilibrium between the energy absorbed by the Earth and the energy reflected in the atmosphere. The planet cools down as 80% and 90% of the total sunlight that strikes its surface is reflected in the atmosphere. In addition, snow serves as many regions of the world’s primary water source. The world’s one-sixth of the population depends on snowmelt water for survival. Due to global warming, the traditional pattern of snowfall and snowmelt has changed. To better understand how to utilize the snow, it is necessary to simulate how this snow is dispersed precisely. In this study, we survey articles that have touched extensively on the snow distribution model, why we model snow distribution, and some of the tools to implement this model. Also, current gaps in the modeling of snow distribution are discussed, and some open questions are presented.


Dr. Michal Kopera (Chair), Dr. Donna Calhoun, Dr. Alejandro Flores, Dr. HP Marshall