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Comprehensive Exam Presentation - Aparna Sankaran

November 16, 2021 @ 9:00 am MST

A Side Channel Evaluation Of Lightweight Cryptographic Schemes

Aparna SankaranCyber Security

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The rapid advancements made in sensor networks, distributed control systems, Internet of Things (IoT), smart grids and cyber-physical systems have resulted in highly-constrained devices that are interconnected, often communicating wirelessly with one another, and working together to complete a task. The current cryptographic algorithms were primarily developed for desktop/server environments and are not particularly well-suited for constrained devices such as sensors, smart cards, RFID tags and so on. For encrypting and decrypting data, many modern devices, such as smart cards and IoTs, rely on lightweight cryptography. Lightweight cryptography (LWE) has been determined to be a viable security solution for constrained devices due to its efficiency and smaller footprint.
Side-Channel Analysis (SCA) is a technique that aims at extracting crucial information and compromising the system by measuring and analyzing physical data such as supply current, changes in power consumption, execution time, and electromagnetic emission. This paper investigates the platform under which to perform side-channel analysis and discusses countermeasures that can be implemented in lightweight cryptographic algorithms to resist or limit the power leakage.


Dr. Liljana Babinkostova, Chair
Dr. Yantian Hou
Dr. Edoardo Serra
Dr. Sin Ming Loo