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Comprehensive Exam - Stanley Akor

November 17, 2023 @ 10:30 am - 12:30 pm MST

Stanley Akor
Computing PhD, Computational Math Science and Engineering emphasis

Location: Environmental Research Building (ERB) 1127

Hydrologic Sensitivity to Microphysical Parameterization

Abstract: This synthesis explores the pivotal role of cloud microphysics in governing Earth’s energy  equilibrium and precipitation dynamics. It underscores the difficulties associated with microphysics  parameterization schemes, particularly emphasizing bulk and spectral bin schemes. By emphasizing the intricate nature of cloud physics, the discussion high-lights the critical need for effective parameterization techniques in numerical weather prediction models. Additionally, the  paper delves into the complexities surrounding the rain-snow transition and its profound influence on the hydrological cycle. Given the ongoing climate disruptions altering precipitation patterns, comprehending the physics of the rain-snow transition and enhancing precipitation phase predictions becomes imperative for refining hydrological modeling.

Committee: Dr. Alejandro Flores (Advisor and Chair), Dr. Hans-Peter Marshall, Dr. James P McNamara, Dr. Michal Kopera (Comprehensive Exam External Evaluator)