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Steve Simske - Blockchain Technology in the Smart City: a Bibliometric Review

February 10, 2022 @ 10:30 am MST

Dr. Steve Simske
Professor, Systems Engineering
Colorado State University

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Blockchain Technology in the Smart City: a Bibliometric Review


Dr. Simske was at HP from 1994-2018, and was an HP Fellow, Vice President, and Director in HP Labs. As of October 2021, he is the author of more than 450 publications (including 4 books) and more than 220 US patents (many more worldwide). He is an IS&T Fellow, and its former President (2017-2019). Steve is the Steering Committee Chair for the ACM DocEng Symposium, which meets annually. Dr. Simske was a member of the World Economic Forum Global Agenda Councils from 2010-2016, including Illicit Trade, Illicit Economy, and the Future of Electronics. In his 20+ years in industry, Steve directed teams in research on 3D printing, education, life sciences, sensing, authentication, packaging, analytics, imaging, and manufacturing. Before that, he was the Lab Director at a NASA Center for the Commercial Development of Space. At CSU, he has a cadre of on-campus students in Systems, Mechanical, and Biomedical Engineering, along with a larger contingent of online/remote graduate students researching in a wide variety of disciplines, including sensing, imaging, cyber-physical security, analytics, and countering human trafficking.


Blockchain can function as a foundational technology with numerous applications in smart cities. The objective of the paper after which this talk is named is twofold. First, it provides a detailed overview of the extant literature on blockchain applications in smart cities; second, it reveals the trends and suggests future research directions for scholars who wish to contribute to this rapidly growing field. The paper is put in context of the overall utility of distributed ledgers, and the growing systems of cyber-physical security employed in many fields (manufacturing, energy, transportation, precision agriculture, and operations).