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Grades and Transcripts

As a student enrolled in a Boise State University concurrent enrollment class, you work toward a letter grade recorded on both your high school and Boise State transcripts. The following information provides details on how to access grades and order transcripts.

Grade Postings

Classes are graded A+ to F, and Pass/Fail. Concurrent Enrollment grades are posted at the end of the course. For fall semester courses, a final grade will be posted at the end of January. Spring course grades will be posted in June. For year-long courses, the final grade is an average of the first and second semester and will be posted in June under Fall semester on your transcript.

Grades can be viewed by logging into your myBoiseState account.

Grade Posting Dates: See Important Dates and Deadlines for grade posting dates for the current year.

Boise State Transcripts

Access your Unofficial Transcript

Unofficial transcripts may be printed from your myBoiseState student center at any time.

  • Log into your myBoiseState account.
  • Select “Student Center”.
  • Click on “Academic Records”.
  • Select “Unofficial Transcript”.

Order Your Official Transcript

An official transcript documenting the grade(s) from your Boise State Concurrent Enrollment courses(s) can be sent to the school of your choice. Please verify your grades have been posted on your myBoiseState account before requesting an official transcript. Official transcripts cost $10.

Students with myBoiseState access may order and pay for official transcripts online through their student center.

  • Log into your myBoiseState account.
  • Select “Student Center”.
  • Click on “Academic Records”.
  • Select “Official Transcript”.

Students without myBoiseState access may order and pay for official transcripts online through the National Student Clearinghouse. Credit and debit cards are the only accepted form of payment through this site.

IMPORTANT NOTE: When ordering an official transcript, do not select the option to ‘hold for grades’. This option applies to students taking courses that follow the University calendar, not the high school calendar, and your transcript may be sent before your grades are posted. Please call the Concurrent Enrollment office at 208-426-3750 to verify that grades have been posted before requesting an official transcript.

For more directions on how to order a Boise State University transcript and ordering options, visit the Boise State Transcripts page at the Registrar’s website.

Credit Transfer

Dual credit courses are accepted by all Idaho institutions of higher education and most accredited institutions outside the state. Idaho’s colleges/universities are accredited by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities.

Students are strongly encouraged to consult with the institution of their choice regarding the transferability of credits earned.

If you plan to attend Boise State, visit our Transfer Evaluation System (TES) to determine how your college credits from other institutions will transfer to Boise State. Using TES, you can also see how your Boise State credits will transfer to other institutions in and out of state. To learn how to transfer credits into Boise State from other institutions, visit the Boise State Admissions website.

The TES is updated regularly. If you do not see the school or course you are looking for, it may not be in the database yet. Please contact the Registrar’s Office to check if the course will transfer.

If you plan to attend an Idaho public postsecondary institution, you can also visit the Idaho CourseTransfer website to see how your courses will transfer.

For more information on transfer credit equivalency and transfer credit basics, visit the Transfer Credit Basics page at the Boise State Registrar’s website.