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Project Management Initiative

Programmatic Sustainability: Partnering for Project Success

Are you seeking guidance in planning, documenting, and executing your funded project? You’re in the right place.

The Project Management Initiative

The Project Management Initiative is a dedicated team of research project coordinators and managers who assist faculty across the Boise State University campus.

We specialize in extending comprehensive support for the programmatic management of funded projects, ensuring a smooth journey from the initial award to successful implementation and closeout.

How we can help

  • Developing Your Project Management Approach and Processes: Tailored strategies to streamline your project’s execution.
  • Constructing Project and Team Charters: Defining clear roles and responsibilities for project success.
  • Writing Project Requirements Documents: Detailing the essentials for project fulfillment.
  • Creating Staffing and Hiring Plans: Crafting effective team structures.
  • Building Project Schedules: Utilizing Gantt charts and activity plans for efficient timelines.
  • Strategizing Communication Plans: Establishing effective channels for seamless collaboration.
  • Coordinating Timely Report Deliveries: Ensuring on-time completion and delivery of programmatic reports.
  • Managing Project Scope: Vigilant monitoring of progress and mitigation of potential delays.
  • Utilizing Project Management Software: Applying cutting-edge tools to streamline operations.
How to Contract with the Project Management Initiative

Levels of Support

Our support levels are adaptable to your project’s requirements and scale. Project coordinators and managers can be attached to your funded project between 4-20 hours per week. Tailored support options include:

  • Direct Inclusion of a Project Manager in a Project Budget: Many funders allow direct budgeting of a project coordinator’s salary. Consider including a project manager as a direct cost in your proposal budget. This allows your research team to focus on the programmatic work and demonstrates preparedness to funding organizations. Our team can provide budget justifications for this role in a project and specific budget costs, including salary and fringe rates for your coordinator.
  • Portfolio Project Management: Some Principal Investigators would like to hire a project manager to manage several grants. This service is available, and funding can be split over several different projects and local accounts.

Additional Resources for Your Success

  • Educational Workshops
  • Training Modules on Canvas
  • One-time consultations for specific project management questions and needs

Community of Practice

Participate in our collaborative Project Management Group—a community of friendly, campus-wide individuals passionate about project management. Engage in semesterly meetings, including summer sessions, featuring guest speakers and insightful discussions. For more information, contact Senior Research Coordinator Michelle Grek at

Have Questions? Get in Touch!

For inquiries related to the management of your sponsored project, feel free to reach out. We’re here to address your queries or guide you to the appropriate resources.