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Welcome to Critical Theory

Welcome to Critical Theory at Boise State

Think.  Engage.  Change

The Critical Theory Minor is an interdisciplinary program that explores a wide variety of critical theories and develops perspectives for better understanding, critically engaging, and transforming contemporary social realities.

Open to all students, a critical theory minor offers a useful critical orientation to any major area of study, and can help to more critically understand the challenging issues we face everyday.

A background in critical theory prepares students to become leaders in their fields, communities, and professions. Developing critical ways of thinking can help students become the innovators capable of transforming workplaces and communities into more positive social environments.

“The value of this program, particularly at this point in history, should be apparent.  It has never been more urgent in our lifetimes that student-citizens be equipped with the conceptual tools required to interrogate the structures of power and offer alternative modes of interpersonal relationality and social organization that hold the promise of greater equity and justice.”