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University of Idaho Electron Microscopy Center

Lab Location

University of Idaho
Moscow, Idaho

Lab Director

Dr. Thomas Williams
(208) 885-6656


Materials analytical characterization

Contracting Work

If you would like to see if this lab can assist you with your work, please contact that lab director.

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AssetMfr and ModelFieldApplication
Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscope (FESEM)Zeiss Supra 35 SEM (w/ Noran System 6 EDS)Materials CharacterizationMicrostructural, structural and chemical microanaysis of materials (1 nm resolution)
Transmission Electron MicroscopyJEOL 2010J 200 kV Analytical TEM/STEMMaterials CharacterizationMicrostructural characterization in fine detail including defects like dislocations and EDS microanalysis (Angstrom-scale resolution)