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COVID-19 Face Shield Requests

Face Shield Requests

We have a limited number of face shields available to Boise State faculty and staff. If your work at Boise State puts you at risk of exposure to COVID-19, we will try to get face shields to you. Please copy and paste the following questions into an email and provide responses below each question. Then send the email to We will contact you shortly after receipt of requests. Due to the limited number of face shields available, only small requests (1-10) can be accepted. Nonetheless, if you need more, please email us and we will try to find an alternate source for you.

Requestor Name:

Requestor Email Address:

Requestor Dept or Entity:

Briefly describe your situation that puts you at risk:

How many do you request:

By what date will you need them:

Please contact Dick Sevier ( if you have any questions. We encourage you to read the background story below to see how entities across campus came together with this design and campaign to fight COVID-19.

Face Shield Background

C-TAP has been part of a collaboration of the Albertsons Library MakerLab and the College of Engineering and its Innovation Studio in the design  and fabrication  of almost a thousand face shields. The team worked on the face shield in response to the COVID-19 pandemic with the understanding that there would be a need in the medical community and beyond for a simple but effective face shield. Amy Vecchione, Associate Professor Head, Emerging Technologies and Experiential Learning and Director of the MakerLab, engaged makers across  the region to 3D print the headband component while Griff Allen of the College of Engineering’s Innovation Studio oversaw the design and laser cutting of the clear visor material. In addition, Griff set up the production lines to allow sanitary assembly of the face shield kits. Dick Sevier, C-TAP Coordinator, worked on many of the business issues including procurement, supply chain and cost analysis. Dick also worked with the Office of General Counsel to secure legal agreements, the Office of Sponsored Projects as PI for a key customer, as well as working on the production side of getting the face shields kitted and delivered to clients. Additionally, Chris Davis, Research Support Engineer for the College of Engineering and Amanda Baschnagel, MakerLab Manager, joined Amy, Griff and Dick in the design and prototyping phase of the face shield where clinical feedback was evaluated and design refinements were made and tested. The team thanks President Marlene Tromp, Dean Tracy Bicknell-Holmes of the Albertsons Library, Dean JoAnn Lighty of the College of Engineering and Harold Blackman, Interim VP of the Division of Research and Economic Development for their substantial support of the project.