Materials Characterization Services

If you have any questions about the services below or services that you are interested but do not appear on the list, please contact Dick Sevier.

CAES Technical Assistance Program (C-TAP) ; Div. of Research and Economic Dev, Boise StateFacilitates access to Boise State labs for sample or device characterization, analysis, process development, experimentation. Also provides referrals to other entities as neededProduct/process improvement, failure analysisC-TAP
Boise State Center for Materials Characterization (BSCMC), MSMSE Dept, Boise StateServices (SEM/TEM/EDS/EELS/WDS/EPMA) for structural/chemical characterization down to the nanoscale and x-ray diffraction for phase analysis/refinement and texture measurements. BSCMC is complementary to CAES Microscopy and Characterization SuiteChemical composition, microstructural characterization including crystallographic and elemental mapping, surface sciences, atomic spatial resolution.BSCMC
Microscopy and Characterization Suite (MaCS), Center for Advanced Energy StudiesMaterials characterization using a array of advanced technologies including electron microscopy (SEM with EDS/EBSD/CL, TEM), FIB with EDS, EBSD/omniprobe, atomic force microscopy and LEAP tomography. Rad and non-rad sample prep services are also provided. MaCS is complementary to the Boise State Center for Materials Characterization.Chemical composition, microstructural characterization including crystallographic and elemental mapping, surface sciences, atomic spatial resolution.CAES-MACS
Surface Science Laboratory (SSL), MSMSE Dept, Boise StateAFM (atomic force microscopy) imaging and related SPM (scanning probe microscopy) modes/techniques (e.g., CAFM/TUNA, KPFM, MFM, nanoindentation, etc.)Surface roughness and topography, adhesion, thermal properties, Young's modulus, hardness, magnetic domain analysis, electrical conductivity, electrical potential/galvanic corrosion analysisSSL Lab
Nanotechnology and Biotechnology Instrumentation Center (NABIC)), Physics Dept, Boise StateX-Ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS) or Electron spectroscopy for chemical analysis (ESCA) instrumentation for elemental and chemical analysis.Elemental composition and quantification, chemical state, DOS and binding energy studies, surface and/or bulk contamination, thickness estimation and depth profiling, angle resolved thin film analysis, X-ray induced secondary electron imaging.NABIC
Materials Science Undergraduate Teaching Lab, MSMSE Dept, Boise StateTensile/compressive testing, process evaluation, metallography and grain analysis, hardness testing, light measurements.Failure analysis, strength assessment, process improvements, adhesion, heat treatment strategies, light distribution and color composition.
Condensed Matter and Nanomaterials Lab (CMNL), Physics Dept, Boise StateX-ray diffraction (XRD), Physical property measurement system (PPMS), RF Plasma sputter deposition, Vibrating sample magnetometer (VSM), advanced TG-DTA-DSC coupled with Mass spectrometer and FTIR spectrometer, Zeta particle size analyzer, spin coating system, Advanced UV-Vis-NIR spectrophotometer, Optimag MOKE system and facilities for nanomaterials synthesis.Material composition, microstructural characterization, magnetic, electronic, thermal and optical properties, electronic conductivity, advanced thermal analysis, thinfilm deposition and nanomaterials characterization.CMNL