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About Us

The Department of Communication explores communication as a meaning-making process that shapes our identities and relationships and impacts organizational, public, and media environments. Our major helps students to better understand the role of communication in relational, political, and societal issues, prepares them to make decisions that will improve their lives as individuals and as members of a democratic society, and teaches them skills sought by employers. Communication students are well-equipped for careers in public service, management, human resources, advocacy, media, education, and politics, in non-profit, for-profit, and state organizations.

Our nationally-renowned faculty have been innovative leaders in the field of communication for nearly 50 years. Our home is in the Communication Building (the historic and original Student Union Building), and we are proud of our long-standing and highly acclaimed student organizations, a thriving undergraduate program, and a variety of minors and professionally-oriented certificate programs.

We are reimagining ways to offer relevant and challenging educational experiences that prepare our students for successful careers in communication. You will gain knowledge and develop skills to share stories, shape values, create connections, and make a difference in a diverse and complex world.

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