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The Latest in Advising

  • Drop-In Peer Advising available during the summer each Monday from 11-1pm in the COMB building main office
  • When registering for any class, you may need a permission number; In such a situation, please contact instructors for classes directly
  • Fall 2022 enrollment is open
  • Have you cleared the student financial hold on your account? Before enrolling in class, go to your Student Center > To-Do List > Student Financial Agreement to clear a hold. For questions, please contact Student Financial Services: (208) 426-1212
  • Scroll down to schedule an appointment

Schedule an Advising Appointment

Before making an advising appointment, you’ll need to do two things:
1) Open your Advising and Academic Report found in your Student Center.
2) Note how many credits you have earned: then see two large blue boxes below to schedule appropriate appointment.

Don’t know how many credits you have?
How to Access Your Unofficial Transcript
Once you access your transcript, look for Total Earned:

Reminder: Every semester, and always, before your advising appointment, be sure to check your AAR. Degree Tracker will not update to reflect any changes.

Other Advising Matters: