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Bachelor of Arts in Communication

Bachelor of Arts in Communication

The BA in Communication offers students theoretical and applied learning opportunities to understand, analyze, and practice communication across varied contexts. Students learn to be critical thinkers, creative and confident communicators, collaborative decision makers, and engaged citizens.

Areas of Study


Relational and organizational communication focus on improving the ways we live and work well together. Courses in this area help students improve interpersonal, family, group, and workplace communication processes, including relationship development, conflict, collaboration, decision making, and power relations.


Communication, culture and advocacy focus on preparing students to be active and culturally competent citizens. Courses in this area help students understand rhetorical concepts and practices, competently communicate across contexts and cultures, and advocate for themselves and others.

Minors and Certificates

Students earning a BA in Communication are encouraged to pursue minors or certificates in complementary areas of study as well as engage in internships or practicum opportunities to enhance their educational experiences. Students outside the major can pursue a minor in communication to develop important communication competencies as a meaningful addition to an overall university education.