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Gain practical experience working for a business, a non-profit, a government agency, or an educational institution while earning credit towards your degree

Opportunity awaits!

Internships provide an opportunity for students to apply knowledge gained in the classroom while learning new skills from and being mentored by communication professionals with expertise in a particular area.

Benefits an Internship

  1. You can apply your classroom learning in real world settings
  2. You gain exposure to a potential career
  3. You establish important networking connections
  4. You add important experiences to your resume

It is never to late to start thinking about an internship.

Common Questions

Your Internship Coordinators

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Matthew Isbell

Dr. Matthew Isbell
Internship Coordinator

Jamie Jensen

Jamie Jensen
Career Counselor

MF Casper

Dr. MF Casper
PR Internship Coordinator


Application Deadline for Internships:

Fall deadline: Mid-September
Fall deadline for students using financial aid: Mid-August

Spring deadline: Early February
Spring deadline for students using financial aid: Mid-January

Summer deadline: Mid-June
Summer deadline for students using financial aid: Mid-May

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