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Catering FAQs

External Catering

What is an external caterer?

An external caterer is any vendor (catering company, restaurant, grocer) that provides food and/or beverage.

Can I use an external caterer for my event?

Yes, allowing external catering on campus provides a diverse range of options for events and gatherings. All caterers serving or providing food and beverages for a camus events over $350 must have a contract with the University. Contracting with the University ensures that the caterers meet certain standards and guidelines, ensuring a smooth and reliable catering service. The department or organization hosting the event is responsible for ensuring food quality, safety, and proper and thorough cleanup of the event and supporting spaces.

If your desired caterer or food truck is not contracted, please send the vendor this link to begin the contracting process. You can find a list of contracted external caterers and food trucks here. 

If your catering order exceeds $2000, a scope of work is needed for the order.

Find more information and a list of contracted caterers on the University’s external catering site.

Can we hire a food truck for our event?

Yes, allowing food trucks on campus can add a fun and dynamic element to events and provide a wide variety of delicious food options for everyone.

Just like with external caterers, it’s essential that food truck vendors are contracted with the University before they can participate in any events on campus. This process helps ensure that the food trucks meet the necessary standards and regulations required by the University.

For those interested in hiring food trucks for their events, they can find more information and a list of contracted food trucks on the University’s external catering site. This resource should provide details about the different food trucks available.

It’s crucial to consult with the Event Parking department before hiring a food truck. This will help identify suitable locations where the food truck can serve without causing any disruptions or parking issues.

I am buying snacks for our team from Albersons for under $350, is a contect and scope of work nessary?

No, purchases under $350 for external catering do not require a formal contract, scope of work, or prior notification to Boise State Dining.

I am picking up a meal for our meeting, does the resturant need a contract and scope of work?

Regardless of the service type (serviced, delivered, and pickup), if the order is over $2000 and the meeting or event is hosted in a Boise State building, a contract with the restaurant or catering service and a scope of work are necessary.

For those organizing events or meetings that meet these criteria, it’s essential to visit the external catering site provided by Boise State Dining. The site contains relevant information about the process of contracting with caterers, a list of contracted caterers, and any other details needed to facilitate the catering arrangements.

As always, it’s best to follow the specific guidelines and procedures outlined by Boise State University to ensure a smooth and successful event.

We are hosting an event with a contracted caterer, can the caterer serve wine with dinner?

All alcoholic beverage services on campus must be exclusively provided by Carved and Crafted Catering. This means that any event or gathering where alcohol is served should be arranged through this specific catering service.

Having an exclusive alcohol provider can streamline the process and ensure responsible alcohol service, as Carved and Crafted is familiar with the university’s policies and regulations regarding alcohol consumption on campus.

I recieved donated meal from a local resturant for our end of year celebration, does the local resturant need to be contracted? Does a scope of work need to be completed?

Regardless of any donations or funding involved, a contract with the restaurant and a scope of work are required for catering services if the order is over $2000 and the event is hosted in a Boise State building. This ensures proper documentation and understanding of the catering arrangements, regardless of the funding source.

For anyone organizing events that meet these criteria, it’s important to refer to the external catering site provided by Boise State Dining. This resource should contain all the necessary information about the catering process, a list of contracted caterers that are approved to provide services on campus.

By following the university’s guidelines and utilizing the appropriate resources, event planners can ensure a smooth and successful catering experience for their events.

Outside Food and Beverage

Can we host a Potluck?

Student organizations and campus departments are permitted to bring food (not paid for with University funds) to campus for personal or internal work-group or student organization consumption so long as the building permits outside food. Common examples include snacks, brown bag lunches, and internal office or internal student organization potlucks with members only. Individuals and/or work groups are responsible for food and beverage cleanup. Find more at Outside Food and Beverage Guidelines.

Can I buy Pepsi products for our event?

No, University-recognized departments are eligible for departmental funds-purchase of  beverages (Coca Cola family of products only).

Coca-Cola offers limited beverage product donations and marketing dollars per year to the university. Student organizations and departments may request beverage donations and marketing dollars to enhance programs and events on campus for students, faculty, and staff that support and celebrate student life. Submit a product donation request form online no less than 2 weeks before the event date for consideration. All requests shall be considered but are not guaranteed. Requesting parties will be informed in writing of the decision. For guidance in product or marketing dollar donation consideration, please contact the contract administrator Nicole Nimmons, at

Departments can order Coca Cola products here.