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Documentation Guidelines

Documentation for Academic Accommodations

A student requesting accommodations must provide thorough documentation of a disability. Documentation helps the Educational Access Center (EAC) understand how your disability affects your education, and helps staff recommend the proper resources to assist you during your college experience. The essential elements of thorough documentation are:

Credentials of Evaluator

The name, title and professional credentials of the evaluator, information about license or certification (e.g., licensed psychologist), and area of specialization should be included. Employment and state/province where the evaluator practices should also be clearly stated.

Diagnostic Statement Identifying the Disability

A clear diagnostic statement describes the diagnosed condition, how the condition was diagnosed, provides information on the functional impact, and details the typical progression or prognosis of the condition.

Description of Diagnostic Methodology

Includes diagnostic criteria, evaluation methods, procedures, tests and dates of administration, as well as a clinical narrative, observation and specific results.

Description of the functional impact of the disability on a major life activity

Demonstrates whether and how a major life activity is substantially limited by providing a clear sense of the severity, frequency and pervasiveness of the condition(s).   Note: Changing conditions and/or changes in how the condition impacts the person brought on by growth and development may warrant more frequent updates.

Description of current/past accommodations, services and/or medications

Describe auxiliary aids, assistive devices, support services and accommodations, including their effectiveness in ameliorating functional impacts of the disability.  Include any significant side effects from current medications or services that may impact physical, perceptual, behavioral or cognitive performance.

Documentation for Support Animals in Housing

Students with disabilities who have a disability-related need for a support animal in university housing must obtain documentation from a licensed health care provider in their home state or the State of Idaho. Providers may fill out the Support Animal Verification form or write a letter that contains all of the information listed on the Support Animal Verification form.