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Facilities and Field Research Sites

The Hydrologic Sciences Program also has a number of permanent research facilities which are the subject, or in support, of a variety of research projects. These facilities provide a high level of research infrastructure to our graduate students and help ensure that their research is well supported.

Biotrace Lab Logo

BioTrace Laboratory

The BioTrace Laboratory Facility provides analytical services (for interrogating aqueous and solid phase environmental samples) to Boise State faculty and students as well as non-Boise State clients and collaborators.

BHRS Site Logo

Boise Hydrogeophysical Research Site (BHRS)
The BHRS is a research well field in the fluvial aquifer adjacent to the Boise River. At this site we conduct research on a wide range of hydrologic and geophysical subjects including the development of non-invasive geophysical interrogation methods and the characterization of the subsurface heterogeneity.

Topographic map

Dry Creek Experimental Watershed
The Dry Creek Experimental Watershed is located in the mountains outside of Boise. Within the Experimental Watershed, we are engaged in a variety of research projects including investigations of surface-groundwater interaction, hydrograph separation during snowmelt, the influence of landscape and soil properties on soil moisture, runoff, and climate change.

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